To establish common technical standards for integrated, safe, and trustworthy automated systems, promote stakeholder collaboration platforms that promote data sharing, and align regulatory frameworks, all of which are critical steps towards bridging gaps and enabling the development of concrete operational models for end-to-end autonomous logistics.

AUTOSUP has the ambition to drive the industrial transition to seamless multimodal automatic freight transport and enhance the operation of hubs as nodes in a Physical Internet logistics network.

Key Concept

AUTOSUP follows a human-in-loop approach, empowering stakeholders to integrate technological advances in processes and make strategic decisions about future investments, aiming to smooth and equitable transition to autonomous supply chains (SCs), whilst accounting for sustainability and user acceptance.

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AUTOSUP kick-off

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Autosup Project Details

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  • HORIZON-CL5-2023-D6-01-07
  • 01/06/2024
  • 31/05/2027
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